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the ultimate betrayal

it's a profound thing

ミ☆슈퍼紫鈞 「SUPER ZI JUN 」…!
1 January 1992
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People who know me in real life, don't add otokos.
Add supercanon instead.

angel without wings, anya, butter boy, chocopie, cinderella heechul, danhobak, donghae, east sea, eternal magnae, eunhyuk, fishy, flower guy, greasy guy, hajima, hangeng, hanjaeheebum, hankyung's accent, hankyung's beijing fried rice, heebum, heechul, heechul's coming, heenim, hyukjae, hyukjae's porn videos, kang king, kangin, kibum, korea's #1 crazy guy, korea's #1 handsome guy, korea's #1 raccoon, kyuhyun, kyuhyun's smirk, leeteuk, leeteuk's wings, made of win, miracle, my monkey, precious leader-sshi, precious magnae t_t, rella, ryeowook, self-radiating jewel handsome guy, shindong, siwon, suju, suju's manager-sshi, sungmin, sungmin's danhobak soup, super junior, super junior full house, teukie teukie teukie teuk, u, yehsung, your room number please